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Letting Your Product Do the Talking with Yotascale

Product-led growth (PLG) is defining the SaaS industry as more and more vendors are allowing customers to see how their products work firsthand through demos and freemium trials. At the core of many PLG companies, however, are the people that built them and the experiences that led them to fill their specific niche of the market.

Identifying and Trimming Hidden Container Costs

The majority of Kubernetes workloads are underutilizing CPU and memory, according to a report from DataDog, “11 Facts About Real-World Container Use.” While it’s important to allocate room for fluctuation, an unnecessary amount of waste may be prevalent among Kubernetes deployments. Such waste could be a contributing factor in the $17 billion lost annually on unused or idle cloud resources.

Solving Cloud-Native Challenges in the Rush to the Cloud

The shift to cloud-native environments away from traditional data center infrastructures continues unabated, but security and complexity challenges remain a struggle for DevOps teams. These were two of the main takeaways in a survey and analyst report published by the IT consultancy firm Flexera.

How Cloud Computing is Green Technology

You might be helping to save the planet by using cloud computing, experts say. Google has developed a metric that shows how clean the company’s cloud regions are around the world. Shifting to cloud computing could slow the growing problem of computing pollution.