Ramp Up Your Cloud Cost Savings

Yotascale gives you a new way to save on cloud costs

The % of Bill Model is Broken

Don’t pay extra for what isn’t being cost optimized

% of bill is the easiest way to price a cost management tool, but that isn’t aligned to saving you money. The more you save, the less the competition makes, so how can you trust them to really save you money?

Do you have PB of storage in the cloud? Does the competition help you optimize your storage tiers? No, they don’t. So why would you let them charge you for doing nothing?

Yotascale is different. We want to save you money, and our pricing model is 100% aligned with that goal. We charge on resource hours, and we’re highly motivated to ensure you are getting the best cloud cost savings for your resource hours used.

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The starter package also includes:

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* Terms and conditions apply.

Get more value for your $$

Stop Paying for “Features” You Can’t Use

Competing tools advertise a lot of features, so you think you’re getting more value for your money. The reality: you’re paying for a bloated product.

Yotascale builds solutions to problems that engineering and finance truly need. Intuitive, easy to use, and hyper-focused on solving the challenges of today’s dynamic cloud cost infrastructure, your teams get exactly what they need.

Want to know how much you can save?

Try the Yotascale Cloud Cost Savings Calculator to see how much you could be saving today!

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