Tired of being charged a % of your cloud bill?

Yotascale's cloud cost management pricing model is different.

How does fixed annual pricing sound?

Pay one price for the year. No matter what.

Most cloud cost management tools charge you a percentage of your total cloud bill. Sounds simple, until, say, costs spike due to a manual error, or you use up your reservations faster than planned. Not only will you owe more to the cloud provider (injury) but to the cost management provider as well (insult). 

Instead of charging you a percentage of your total cloud bill, Yotascale pricing is fixed for the year.  No monthly true-ups. No bill shock. It’s one fair and predictable price based on your resource (instance) hours used. 

It’s an all-you-can-eat pricing model that supports unlimited users, unlimited cloud accounts and services, and unlimited cloud spend.

The idea is to make it as easy as possible for everyone to take ownership of cloud costs and do their part to optimize them—from engineering and operations to finance and FinOps. Now that’s simple.

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See how fast and easy cloud cost management can be. Try Yotascale, free for up to two weeks. For more information, contact Yotascale sales.

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"Hands down the best tool for cloud cost optimization for AWS"

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“The product has been a huge help for our organization."

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“Great product for creating visibility into cloud costs on a team-level basis”

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