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Discover Dynamic Cloud Cost Management

It starts with smarter cost attribution and ends with smarter cloud decisions

You Need Cloud Cost Data You Trust

The complexity of today’s modern cloud architectures makes accurate cost attribution an impossible task without the right tools in place. In order to truly manage your cloud costs and run your business infrastructure in the cloud, your business needs to:

Accurately distribute costs (including multi-tenant Kubernetes clusters) to the responsible engineering teams

Find owners for abandoned and untagged resources

Coordinate complicated Savings Plan and Reserved Instance purchases

Find and remove underutilized or idle cloud resources

Yotascale Gives You More

Unmatched Cloud Observability

Deep cost insights, unified across all your accounts, including containers and Kubernetes, with cost attribution matched to the way you do business

Accurate, Predictable Cloud Spend

Streamlined, automated cloud budgeting and forecasting, real-time cost anomaly reporting, and detailed workload right-sizing

Improved Team Efficiency

Collaborative workflows and detailed, actionable recommendations give your teams the data they need to improve team productivity

Powerful, Intuitive, Actionable Results in Just a Few Days

Designed for modern architectures at scale, Yotascale is the only solution that gives a complete view of your cloud infrastructure spend, including containers and Kubernetes. Empower your engineering teams with the most accurate cost attribution, actionable recommendations and continuous cost anomaly detection.

Features Your Engineers Will Actually Use

All-in-one View of Your Cloud, Mapped to Your Business Context

Yotascale’s intuitive GUI places all the information you need about your cloud costs at your fingertips.

  • Quick access to essential cost information, with one-click drill down to business units, teams, applications and more
  • Context-based analytics and smart widgets so each team views only the data they need, at the level they need
  • Unified support for Kubernetes, containers and microservices gives granular reporting of all your costs in a single view

Automated Cost Attribution

Yotascale gives you the tools you need to automate and maintain the resource tags and labels that are the foundation of cloud cost management

  • Identify untagged and badly tagged resources and fix them in-app
  • Automatically tag/label dynamic services as they are created
  • Create rules to normalize tag names across departments and applications

In-Depth, Collaborative Cost Optimization

Empowering your engineers to take control of their cloud costs with cost optimization recommendations they can trust

  • Workload-based right-sizing recommendations by product, service or application
  • Detailed impact analysis on compute, network, memory and more
  • Closed loop feedback improves communication between engineering and finance for optimization decisions

Real-time Cost Anomaly Detection

Prevent end-of-month bill shock with real-time monitoring and alerts of abnormal cloud costs as they occur

  • Detailed, contextual alerts sent to your teams where they work (Microsoft Teams, Slack, and more)
  • Eliminate days or weeks of effort finding cost anomalies
  • Closed-loop feedback in-app keeps track of engineering resolution

Team-Based Cloud Budgeting and Forecasting

Eliminate spreadsheet-based cloud budgeting and forecasting, while improving your cloud spend forecasting up to 90%

  • Machine-learning based forecasting with predictive analytics based on your historical spending trends
  • Budget alerts for teams, products, and applications give higher visibility to potential cost overruns before they occur
  • Savings Plan and Reserved Instance recommendations linked to your enterprise cloud accounts

Learn more about why you need dynamic cloud cost management

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Collaborative cost management is a style of operating that enables cloud-based development instead of getting in its way.

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