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Yotascale for CloudHealth Customers

Considering switching from CloudHealth to Yotascale? Here's what you need to know.

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Companies are finding it increasingly challenging to manage their cloud costs and optimize their infrastructure.

To address these challenges, companies have turned to cloud management tools like CloudHealth. However there are several reasons why customers may want to consider switching to Yotascale.

Unified View of Cloud Spend

Forget about viewing each cloud provider separately and manually calculating totals. Yotascale provides a single pane view of all your cloud spend in one place. 

Optimize cloud usage and savings

Cost Optimization Engine

Yotascale offers a proprietary cost optimization engine using machine learning, advanced analytics, and real-time reporting, enabling engineers to act on insights on their cloud usage and spending.

Container Cost Allocation

Yotascale provides clear visibility into Kubernetes resources, their costs, and the allocation of those costs by namespace, pod, deployment, and labels.

Allocate your multi-cloud cost

Empower Frontline Engineers to
Manage Costs

Yotascale is designed by engineers, for engineers. It is designed to fit into their operational processes with real-time monitoring and recommendations for optimizing cloud resources.

Transparent Pricing

Yotascale’s transparent flat fee pricing model provides predictability and further differentiates it from CloudHealth.

Predict cloud spend

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Yotascale provides scalability, predictable pricing model and allocation of container costs, making it a more attractive option for companies seeking to optimize their cloud management processes.

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