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An Interview with Yotascale’s Jake Reichert

In this interview, I speak with Jake Reichert, VP of Engineering at Yotascale, we discuss Yotascale’s solution and how they’ve helped companies like Zoom navigate the challenges of rapid growth.

Yotascale at Cloud Field Day 12

Yotascale was one of the presenters at #CFD12 and I was impressed by the depth of analytics and integrations offered in their multi-cloud cost management solution.

Yotascale at Cloud Field Day Preview

We look at your cloud. We tag your cloud. Yota, yota, yota. You save money. What we can’t yota over the money saving part? That’s right, you can’t. Yotascale is looking to control cloud costs through automatic tagging and anomaly detection.

How to keep your cloud bill manageable

According to Asim Razzaq, CEO of Yotascale, there are a number of unnecessary costs associated with cloud, such as idle resources, over-provisioned services, and unneeded data management.