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Yotascale Cloud Cost Anomaly Detection Saved Zoom $600K in One Month

Cloud FinOps team acted on mid-month alert to remediate $40k per day cost spike

PALO ALTO, Calif.November 9, 2022 – Yotascale, the leading choice for cloud cost management in modern SaaS organizations, today announced that its customer Zoom Video Communications prevented a potential cloud cost overrun of $600,000 in one month by using the Yotascale anomaly detection capability. Upon measuring a daily cost spike that quickly grew from $20,000 to $40,000, the Yotascale system alerted a member of the FinOps team at Zoom who immediately collaborated with the engineering owner to remediate the issue. Had the anomaly gone undetected until it was spotted on the cloud provider bill at the end of the month, Zoom would have incurred more than $600,000 in unnecessary cloud costs.

“It’s great knowing we can count on Yotascale to spot these kinds of anomalies as they happen, so we can stop cost leakage from growing into a huge loss,” said Nick Konstantinou, senior cloud cost analyst at Zoom. “Not only that, but we can take the learnings and improve our cloud governance policies organization-wide. Moving forward, every engineer at Zoom will have access to Yotascale to help us contain costs and be even more efficient in the cloud.”

In use at Zoom since 2019, Yotascale helped Zoom grow their cloud infrastructure efficiently as business skyrocketed during the pandemic. Zoom initially chose Yotascale to help the organization gain visibility of cloud spend and make informed decisions on cloud utilization. Now, the team is realizing the value of real-time anomaly detection.

“Reporting cost anomalies and savings opportunities as they happen, to the people who can take immediate action, makes all the difference in controlling cloud cost at scale,” commented Jeff Harris, head of customer success at Yotascale. “Not all cloud cost management tools are built to enable that approach, and certainly not the first-generation products designed for post-mortem financial analysis. As a mature cloud user, Zoom saw the value in our approach early on and continues to realize value month over month. We look forward to seeing more Zoomies using Yotascale and contributing to the company’s profitable growth.”

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Cloud Cost Anomaly Detection at Zoom