Case Study: How Flatiron Health Gained Visibility and Control Over Total Platform Costs

How Flatiron Health Gained Visibility and Control Over Total Platform Costs with Yotascale

The Challenge: Overcoming Cloud Cost Complexity

Flatiron Health, a leading healthtech company dedicated to improving cancer treatment and research, faced a challenge that many cloud-native organizations grapple with – managing the growing complexity and costs of their technology stack. With a vast array of cloud infrastructure, platform services, data pipelines, and more, Flatiron wanted to gain comprehensive visibility and governance over their total platform spending.

Transitioning to a Holistic Solution

Initially, Flatiron tried a different cost management vendor, but the solution failed to meet their needs, leaving the team reliant on siloed spreadsheets and reports that provided little value to engineering and executive stakeholders. Recognizing the limitations of this approach, Flatiron decided it was time for a change and sought a more holistic solution.

Yotascale’s Total Platform Cost Management (TPCM) Capabilities

That’s when Flatiron discovered Yotascale and its Total Platform Cost Management (TPCM) capabilities. Yotascale’s ability to integrate seamlessly across Flatiron’s multi-cloud environments and services, from cloud infrastructure to Kubernetes, data platforms, and observability tools, was a game-changer.

Yotascale's Total Platform Cost Management (TPCM) Capabilities

“One of the big reasons we landed on Yotascale was the ability for our engineering teams to get very granular,” said Jason Cannavale, VP Software Engineering at Flatiron. “We wanted to ensure that any engineer could understand the cost impact of the applications they were creating or deploying, and make adjustments accordingly.”

Centralized Cost Visibility and FinOps Collaboration

Yotascale’s single pane of glass view enabled Flatiron to construct a centralized cost structure, with machine learning-powered categorization and tagging by business unit, product, and team. This granular visibility not only empowered engineering but also facilitated crucial FinOps collaboration.

“We are doing things like monthly consumption reviews with the executive team and weekly reviews on a per-director, per-team view, so that everybody knows what’s going on with our cloud finances,” said Jeremy Haber, CloudOps Senior Manager at Flatiron.

Intelligent Cost Monitoring and Optimization

Beyond just cost reporting, Yotascale’s intelligent cost monitoring and forecasting capabilities proved invaluable. Flatiron leveraged Yotascale’s AI-driven anomaly detection, trend analysis, and consumption forecasting to proactively manage cost risks and optimize their cloud investments.

Intelligent Cost Monitoring and Optimization

“Optimization has been a really, really important part of our Q1, especially as we had some very ambitious cost optimization targets,” Jeremy explained. “We’ve implemented things like a hackathon specifically for AWS, but also in these monthly reviews, we’ve been focusing on the SaaS spend as well, based on having it all centralized in Yotascale.”

Transforming FinOps Collaboration and Governance

The centralized cost data and collaborative FinOps framework enabled by Yotascale has been transformative for Flatiron. The solution’s ability to bridge engineering, finance, and business stakeholders has helped the company govern its cloud investments more effectively, ensuring responsible resource consumption and aligning technology ROI with business goals.

Transforming FinOps Collaboration and Governance

“There’s just a certain clout to having a tool that has this information versus sharing it in a spreadsheet,” Jeremy noted. “The engineers really did change their perspective on these costs when it’s visible throughout the enterprise.”

Looking to the Future with Yotascale

As Flatiron looks to the future, the company is excited to further automate its cloud cost management processes and leverage Yotascale’s advanced capabilities, such as direct integrations and prescriptive optimization recommendations.

The value of Yotascale to Flatiron Health is about how efficient they can be in getting the costs recognized and understood by internal stakeholders. Getting away from spreadsheets and having direct integrations to service provider costs with GenAI analysis capabilities, are super critical for their cloud operations.

By partnering with Yotascale, Flatiron Health has transformed its approach to Total Platform Cost Management, empowering the company to engineer at scale while aligning its technology investments with business success.