Case Study: How Flatiron Health Gained Visibility and Control Over Total Platform Costs

A single platform for cloud cost management at scale

Truly own total cloud spend by budgeting, reconciling, forecasting, and optimizing with a single pane of glass.

Cloud cost data you can trust

The complexity of today’s cloud environments makes cloud cost management challenging without a holistic view. In order to optimize spend, you need to:
Allocate cloud and container costs accurately
Identify, rightsize, and terminate abandoned and untagged cloud resources
Coordinate complicated savings plan and reserved instance purchases

Key platform benefits

Unrivaled cloud observability

End-to-end visibility of infrastructure, container, and application spend with operational budget modeling.

Predictable cloud spend

Automated cloud budgeting and reconciliation with AI-assisted natural language querying that both FinOps and Engineering love.

Improved team efficiency

Actionable recommendations that enable engineering teams to improve workload and application efficiency.

Enterprise-tested cloud cost management

Gain a single pane of glass view into multi-cloud costs

Intuitive user interfaces that place actionable insights about cloud costs into the hands of your experts.

Automated cost allocation

Maintain the resource tags and labels that are the foundation of cloud cost management.

  • Identify untagged and badly tagged resources
  • Automatically tag/label dynamic services as they are created
  • Normalize tag names across cloud providers, departments and applications

In-depth, collaborative cost optimization

Empowering engineers with trustable cost optimization recommendations.

Real-time cost anomaly detection

Prevent end-of-month bill shock with real-time monitoring and anomaly detection.

  • Detailed, contextual alerts sent to wherever your teams monitor and work
  • Reduced time to anomaly detection
  • Closed-loop feedback in-application

Team-based cloud budgeting reconciliation and forecasting

Eliminate spreadsheet-based cloud budgeting and forecasting, while improving your cloud spend forecasting.

  • Machine-learning based forecasting with predictive analytics
  • Budget alerts for teams, products, and applications on overruns before they occur
  • Savings Plan and Reserved Instance recommendations

Actionable results in just a few days

Speak to a Yotascale expert to learn how to get started with total cloud cost management today.

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