Case Study: How Flatiron Health Gained Visibility and Control Over Total Platform Costs

Take advantage of AI cloud management with Yota Copilot

Yota Copilot is your AI FinOps assistant that performs everyday tasks in a fraction of the time. Master cloud costs, rapidly surface critical insights, and automate reports with a simple chatbot interface. This is AI cloud management.

AI cloud management is here to help

Rapid Insights

Rapid access to high-level cost insights.

Accelerate time to the latest cloud cost data by asking Yota Copilot for summary metrics and the specific data points you need. You’ll never be unprepared for your next meeting.

Drill Down

In-depth analysis, simplified.

No more complex analytical workflows. With Yota Copilot, simply ask to drill down to your desired level of user or team level granular insights. Now every business user has a skilled analyst in their pocket.

Build a Lens in Seconds

Model your data to match your organization.

Building a lens in Yotascale allows you to model business hierachies and map costs to your unique organizational structure. With AI cloud management, this complex task is now as simple as writing a few lines of instructions.

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