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Scalable cloud cost management

cloud cost management

Designed to empower an army of cost savers

Automated tagging and aollocation

Always know who or what is driving cloud costs

Allocate 100% of multi-cloud and container costs. Yotascale automatically tags resources, cleans up messy and missing tags, and updates cost allocation and ownership as your organization and infrastructure evolve.

Actionable recommendations

Make it easy for everyone to be cost-efficient

Whether teams need to purchase discount plans, rightsize resources, or prevent runaway cost spikes, Yotascale helps the right people take the right actions at the right times. You’ll typically save 25-50% with every good decision.

Predict cloud spend

Manage budgets and forecasts with confidence

Help engineering, FinOps, and finance teams collaborate effectively to narrow the gap between forecasted and actual spend. Yotascale forecasts cloud costs with >95% accuracy and warns you of potential budget overruns.

Aiming for FinOps excellence?

Good financial management of cloud resources isn’t a one-time or one-person job. It requires effective collaboration, timely action, and a culture of cloud cost ownership among engineers. Learn how Yotascale’s product and people can help get your FinOps practice up and running at full speed.

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"Hands down the best tool for cloud cost optimization for AWS"

Administrator in Hospital & Health Care


“The product has been a huge help for our organization."

Executive Sponsor in Financial Services


“Great product for creating visibility into cloud costs on a team-level basis”

Executive Sponsor in Real Estate

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