Case Study: How Flatiron Health Gained Visibility and Control Over Total Platform Costs

Watch the power of GenAI at work in Yota Copilot



Here at Yotascale, we’re thrilled to introduce you to our latest innovation – the integration of generative AI technology, widely known as GenAI. In the video above, we will show you how GenAI is reshaping the landscape of cloud cost management, reducing friction, and providing insights in seconds not weeks.

Seamless GenAI Integration

At Yotascale, our journey with generative AI began with a simple question: Where can we seamlessly integrate this cutting-edge technology to enhance customer experiences? The answer: Everywhere. From understanding cloud costs at a macro level to dissecting intricate spending trends, GenAI is simply a game-changer.

GenAI Reduces Friction Across the Yotascale Product

Our primary goal is to make cloud cost management smoother and more intuitive for our users. When we deliver this for our users, this frees up their time to focus on their business. In the demo, you will see how GenAI reduces friction across the product, making it easier for individuals, whether seasoned professionals or newcomers, to comprehend and optimize their cloud expenses.

Yotascale + GenAI = Zero Friction

With the natural language interface of GenAI, calling up reports within Yotascale becomes simple. The backbreaking work of making sense of multiple complex datasets get reduced by a factor of 30. The significance of this GenAI-driven capability extends beyond a one-time analysis. Yotascale users can benefit from this feature throughout the year, gaining real-time insights into their spending trends, identifying areas of improvement, and continually optimizing their cloud resource allocation. We believe the integration of GenAI into Yotascale marks a pivotal moment in cloud cost management. Stay tuned as we continue to explore the limitless possibilities that GenAI brings to the cloud management landscape.