Beyond the Numbers: Strategic Cloud Cost Management the Okta Way

Length: 58 mins

Managing cloud cost efficiently is the top priority of every company today. At a time when utilization of cloud infrastructure is increasingly strategic and central to a company’s operation, managing cloud cost whether from direct infrastructure usage or passive consumption of foundational applications like cloud databases, is more important than ever. Okta software architect William Howell discusses his company’s journey in understanding their cloud usage patterns and optimizing their spend while delivering a world class security service with Yotascale CEO, Asim Razzaq.

Dive into Okta’s firsthand experience with cloud cost management, utilizing the power of Yotascale. Explore how Okta moves beyond just reducing costs to strategically allocating resources for maximum efficiency and impact. From balancing API tests to understanding the nuances of focusing on key areas, learn from Okta’s approach to making data-driven decisions that yield sustained savings. This session offers insights into the real-world challenges faced, solutions implemented, and the benefits reaped. Join us to glean from Okta’s journey and learn how to spend smartly and effectively in the realm of cloud management.

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