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Yotascale Cloud Cost Attribution

Yotascale cloud cost attribution

Accurate cost attribution is fundamental to understanding your cloud costs and utilization

As your cloud infrastructure footprint grows, mapping cloud resource usage and costs accurately to teams, product lines, and business units becomes increasingly complex and difficult. Yet, accurate cloud cost attribution is key to understanding team resource usage and determining accurate COGS and margins. It’s vital to budgeting and forecasting. In order to optimize and budget meaningfully, you need reliable, granular views of your environment that attribute costs back to departments or teams.

Yotascale cloud cost attribution puts usage into a context that makes sense for your business, breaking down your cloud cost bill and resources according to the organizational hierarchy of your business. Only Yotascale reveals all your cloud costs, including containers and Kubernetes, in their proper business context, with easy to use reports and dashboards.


  • Lack of visibility to map cloud costs to teams, product lines, or business unit
  • Poor scalability, manual tagging, no single centralized information source
  • Unreliable attribution hampers accurate planning and optimization


  • Displays data relevant to your segment of the business
  • Reveals containers and Kubernetes in their business
  • Delivers accurate, actionable cost & resource allocation data across the hierarchy

Lack of cloud cost ownership creates chaos

Lack of context or visibility into resource allocation makes it impossible for cloud operations owners and senior leaders to agree on who is responsible for these diverse costs and resources. Manual cost attribution (by tagging) doesn’t scale accurately or account for shared resource usage across teams and applications. “Wild West” confusion can arise when users arbitrarily slice data and claim ownership without clear visibility or accountability. Costs can be double-counted (two owners), or missed completely (no owner). Resulting data emerges as low-quality, untrustworthy, and not actionable. Inability to visualize resource usage in context can dilute, hinder, or even defeat cost improvement initiatives and optimization.

A single, centralized source offers clear, dynamic views of resource usage

The agile Yotascale interface lets you break down or roll up pieces of the business and understand how the resources you’re responsible for are driving overall cost and efficiency. By leveraging Yotascale as a single source of truth, engineering team managers, finance team members, cloud operations teams, and executive management can all align discussions and decisions about cloud cost optimization.

With Yotascale, you can group diverse resources like EC2 instances, RDS instances, Kubernetes namespaces, and other infrastructure costs; business owners can see their total cost picture all in one place. Every time you login, you see relevant costs, drivers, and optimization opportunities. This total visibility is exactly what you need for precise planning and budgeting.

Now you can easily map infrastructure costs to your business

Yotascale cloud cost attribution automates and disambiguates cloud cost ownership, creating clarity and agreement at multiple layers of the business. By automating resource tagging, you can achieve and maintain up to 95 percent accuracy for your cost attribution. No more ‘death-by-tagging’, or guesswork about cost ownership. Now everyone can see the costs and resources they are responsible for. You can rely on clear, actionable allocation data for multiple layers of your business hierarchy.

Displayed data is relevant to your segment of the business: a CEO sees business units; a VP sees the teams in their business unit; engineers see applications—and can drill down to view specific cloud services that the application uses. Yotascale even lets you see complex resource groupings such as K8s and non-K8s costed together for one team. And all are easily visible via a single, centralized pane of glass.

The Yotascale platform leverages the business hierarchy in an intuitive informational view for each user, displaying cost drivers and optimization opportunities relevant to their respective business units.