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Why Cloudability Customers Should Consider Switching to Yotascale

Companies are finding it increasingly challenging to manage their cloud costs and optimize their infrastructure. To address these challenges, companies have turned to cloud management platforms like Cloudability. While Cloudability has been a popular choice, there are several reasons why customers may want to consider switching to Yotascale.

Yotascale is specifically designed to help companies manage cloud costs and optimize infrastructure. Unlike Cloudability, which is a general-purpose cloud management platform, Yotascale is focused entirely on helping companies control their cloud expenses. This focus has allowed Yotascale to develop a range of advanced features that go beyond what is offered by Cloudability.

Empower Frontline Engineers to Manage Costs

In practice, Cloudability is used by a handful of users in Finance who send reports to Engineering teams to take action on. These reports often lack relevance to Engineering because they repeat unactionable recommendations that the team already explored and found unaddressable. Yotascale is designed by engineers to fit into their operational processes with real-time monitoring and recommendations for optimizing cloud resources.

Adaptive Automation for Cost Allocation

Cloudability customers have found that cost management automations are not adaptive. When there is a change in infrastructure or org structures, Cloudability reports no longer match customer invoices. Reports need to be paused until the automations generating the reports are reprogrammed. With Yotascale’s adaptive automation, the cloud cost picture is always real-time without need of reprogramming removing significant risk from managing your cloud costs.

Cost Optimization Engine

For example, Yotascale has developed a proprietary cost optimization engine that uses machine learning to identify cost-saving opportunities across a company’s cloud infrastructure. This engine is much more sophisticated than the cost optimization features offered by Cloudability, which are largely rule-based and lack the advanced analytics capabilities of Yotascale.

Advanced Analytics

Yotascale also offers a range of advanced analytics features that can help companies understand their cloud usage patterns and optimize their infrastructure accordingly. These features include real-time cost and usage analytics, as well as predictive analytics that can help companies anticipate future usage and cost trends. Additionally, Yotascale offers a range of reporting tools that allow companies to generate custom reports on their cloud usage and spending.

Container Cost Allocation

Yotascale provides clear visibility into Kubernetes resources, their costs, and the allocation of those costs by namespace, pod, deployment, and labels. We leverage AI and machine learning to monitor and detect cost and usage anomalies and provide immediate notification of the source of the anomaly. Yotascale is the only cloud cost management solution that provides a unified view of cloud costs for standard and containerized workloads according to how you run your business.

Transparent Pricing

Another key advantage of Yotascale is its pricing model. While Cloudability charges customers based on the number of resources they are managing, Yotascale charges a flat monthly fee based on the number of cloud accounts being managed. This pricing model is more transparent and predictable, which can be particularly beneficial for companies with fluctuating cloud usage.

Switch to Yotascale Today

In conclusion, there are several reasons why Cloudability customers may want to consider switching to Yotascale. Yotascale offers a more focused and sophisticated solution for managing cloud costs and optimizing infrastructure, with advanced features like a proprietary cost optimization engine, advanced analytics capabilities, and integrations with a range of cloud platforms and tools. Additionally, Yotascale’s transparent pricing model makes it an attractive option for companies looking to optimize their cloud management processes.

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