Case Study: How Flatiron Health Gained Visibility and Control Over Total Platform Costs

Yotascale Budgeting and Forecasting

Yotascale budgeting and forecasting

Dynamic cloud costs can lead to end-of-month bill shock

Many organizations don’t have the information they need to set and manage accurate budgets for cloud resources. Lack of accurate cloud cost allocation makes it difficult-to-impossible to create accurate forecasts for cloud usage and costs. This information deficit can lead to overspending on reserved instances or savings plans for resources that then sit idle. Conversely, not purchasing enough reservations results in using too many spot instances at a higher rate. Both situations are cost-inefficient and completely avoidable.


  • Lack of foresight & control of unexpected cloud cost overages
  • Billing shocks from exceeding budget allocations
  • Inability to proactively take steps to stay within forecasts


  • ML-based insights deliver a clear view of costs and trends at all times
  • Trigger-based alerts keep teams proactively apprised of status
  • Teams can promptly triage, take action, and adjust outlays to stay within budget and negotiate contracts

Real-time budget monitoring provides accurate, actionable insights

Yotascale’s machine-learning (ML)-based budgeting and forecasting capability offers you a granular overview of cloud spend at every layer of your organization, for any business unit, application, or team. At all times, team members can see where their cloud spend trend is going, and where they currently stand with respect to budget. This knowledge contributes to a holistic, accurate understanding of the trends; you can then triage, analyze, and take needed corrective action in time to avoid billing shocks and cost overruns.

Any group in the business hierarchy that creates budgets can leverage Yotascale’s dashboards as the source of truth for their cloud spend, reflecting both near-real time cloud costs and budgetary guidance or goals. Organizational leaders and teams benefit from a clear, easily accessed view of the costs they are responsible for; they know relevant trends for the current month, quarter, or year. Beyond that, they see how these trends align with operational budgets and financial goals.

Armed with this information, owners can make informed changes for better cost-efficiency and resource utilization. Yotascale generates prompt, actionable alerts, which are delivered directly to resource owners whenever their forecast exceeds the set budget. Engineering teams and leaders can set up preferences that specify when, and under which circumstances, they wish to receive their alert, via Slack or email.

Yotascale’s function-rich budgeting and forecasting resource gives you the results of ML-based predictive modeling that is 90 percent accurate, indicating where your cloud service costs will land within your monthly allocated budget.

Yotascale delivers visibility and intelligence to your forecasts

Yotascale’s ML-based forecasts provide you better visibility into future cloud usage based on your historical trends. This increases your forecast accuracy by up to 90 percent. You can view forecasts for the next 6 months, 12 months, or beyond, with Yotascale’s forecasting module. Whether you are setting the next year’s operating budget or negotiating your next contract for cloud resources, you’ll have confidence that you are working from accurate data to optimize your future cloud spend.