Always an Engineer: Podcast Trailer

Always an Engineer Podcast

If you could go back in time and give your less experienced self some advice, what would it be?

Today, Asim Razzaq is a founder and CEO, but he started out as a software engineer. The career path he chose wasn’t easy, even with mentors to help guide him. He’s learned the hard way and acquired a lot of unconventional wisdom — wisdom he wishes he had not just when he was an individual contributor but as he moved up the ladder to lead engineering teams, and eventually lead a company. Because it’s true what they say: Once an engineer, always an engineer.

In this podcast, Asim shares software engineering perspectives and lessons learned on a variety of topics: from technical decisions engineers have to make every single day, to the ways leaders can get the most out of their teams, to the pros and cons of career choices throughout the journey. Understanding that engineering perspective… and exploring both success and failure from that perspective… can be valuable in helping people make better decisions, work better together, and ultimately be better versions of themselves.

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