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10. Antifragile software: The next frontier

Join Asim Razzaq as he introduces the concept of antifragile software systems. This concept aims to demonstrate what happens during catastrophic scenarios inside the system. For today’s episode, he will highlight key principles that can lead to antifragile teams, processes, and code.

[01:11] What is Antifragile

[02:14] Modern Resilient Software

[03:17] Antifragile System

[03:51] Building the Software System

[04:11] Techniques for Antifragile System

[05:34] What Leads to Antifragility

[06:39] Summary

Show Notes:

Thriving Not Surviving

Most software nowadays is rapidly adapting to more efficient use due to advanced machine learning capabilities. Developers, and even consumers, are keen to find ways to make their software products thrive rather than just surviving, which leads to the concept of the antifragile system. While it’s great that software can survive even the most dire of situations, consumers are also inclined to a system that can self-learn from these issues then provide its own solution to adapt moving forward.

Additional Resources

Antifragile by Nassim Nicholas Taleb

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