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28. The Future of Software Testing in the GenAI Era

In today’s episode, Asim sits down with Shailesh Kumar, the Senior Vice President of Engineering at ClickUp. Shailesh has over 18 years of experience in software engineering, architecture, and leadership, with a passion for scaling organizations, products, and processes. The duo breaks down the future of software testing with generative AI, why engineers are moving away from automation testing, and the evolving role of testers with Generative AI’s rapid advancement.

[00:00] Introduction
[02:42] Shailesh’s Journey to ClickUp
[06:10] Generative AI’s Role in Software Testing and Quality Assurance
[08:31] Understand That We’re Still Very Early in the Generative AI Era
[09:30] Unit Testing Before and After Gen AI
[13:14] The Future of Software Testing with Gen AI
[15:46] Generative AI for LLMs and UI Testing
[18:00] How to Uncover Which UI Testing Tool is Right For You
[20:44] Where to Start with Software Testing Using Gen AI
[24:18] Advice For Engineers Looking to Get Started with Gen AI
[27:50] How Gen AI will Reshape the Engineering Workforce
[30:57] Why You Must Be Open to Adopting New Technologies
[33:17] Parting Thoughts

The Future of Software Testing in the Era of Gen AI

Imagine a world where testing software isn’t a tedious chore but a dynamic playground where creativity meets efficiency. Welcome Generative AI – the game-changer shaking things up in the software testing arena. Shailesh compares it to having a brilliant assistant who takes care of the boring stuff so that you can focus on the exciting challenges. With Gen AI, you can forget the tedious manual testing of yesteryears. Gen AI will anticipate issues, predict vulnerabilities, and optimize performance effortlessly. 

While it’s exciting, it also raises questions about ethics, accountability, and the role of human testers. Will they become AI’s co-pilots or guardians? According to Shailesh, sure, generative AI in software QA is still in its early days, but it has superstar potential. With less manual testing, you can expect software quality to soar, time-to-market to reduce, and your budget to breathe easy.

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