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27. 5X your Developer Productivity with Generative AI

In today’s episode, Asim sits down with Umair Akeel, a startup founder, passionate engineer, former distinguished engineer at Twilio Inc, and former VP of Engineering at Oracle. They discuss how to 5X your productivity with generative AI, the future of software development, and advice to engineers on using generative AI.

[00:00] Introduction
[02:05] Umair’s New Startup
[03:09] The Future of Software Development
[06:09] How Generative AI is Changing Code Development
[08:31] Software Developers Using Generative AI
[10:27] Productivity and Building Software Faster
[12:00] How to Increase Your Speed and Efficacy of Writing Code
[14:40] Rapid Iteration and Testing
[17:10] Technology is Changing Too Fast
[20:03] Advice to Early Career Engineers on Generative AI
[24:44] Advice For Mid-Career and Late-Career Engineers
[28:42] Where to Start with Generative AI
[30:46] Parting Thoughts  

How to GX Your Developer Productivity Using Generative AI

Are you a developer looking to supercharge your productivity? Then you’re in luck. Generative AI can be your new best friend. Tools like GPT-3 can help streamline your development process by writing code snippets, creating documentation, and even assisting in debugging. According to Umair, generative AI is like a friend that generates code templates based on your description. This can save you valuable time to become more productive.

However, like all productivity tools, generative AI can take some getting used to. Plus, these tools are sometimes only useful for getting outcomes for known problems. For example, they only know how to produce code that they have seen in the past. 

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