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19. DevOps burnout is real with Luca Galante

For today’s episode, Asim is joined by Luca Galante to discuss the spectrum of DevOps and platform engineering. Luca is a product manager at Humanitec, and has been on the development line of work for almost 6 years. Today, he joins Asim to break down platform engineering and its community, goals, career, and history.

[00:51] Introduction of Luca Galante
[01:50] Backstory of Platform Engineering Community
[04:01] Defining Platform Engineering
[06:00] Examples of Coder Pads
[10:12] Balancing on Opinionated and Unopinionated
[12:49] Standards for Platform Products
[15:09] Brown-field Enterprise Setup
[19:04] DevOps Side
[22:30] Platform Engineering as Just DevOps
[26:24] Where to Learn More About Platform Engineering

About Platform Engineering
Platform engineers are the soul to most product applications that customers use nowadays for day-to-day and leisure activities. Learning about how the community works and understanding the operational side of how the workers under this career can shed light into some misconceptions or facts about how they deliver their work, particularly their essential and organizational structure. You’ll be able to take on a personal journey of an engineer who experienced a lot of need-to-improve systems in this career within organizations, as well as defining some key areas of work around the job as a platform engineer.

External Resources:
Platform Engineering Community Website
PlatformCon Website

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