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18. Thriving after a tech layoff

In this episode, Asim offers some concrete advice for employees going through layoffs. In recent months, there have been many layoffs in the tech industry, and people are either flustered or placed at their lowest points going through this predicament. Asim guide that can help those who have been laid off and those who are trying to avoid the situation.

[00:38] Introduction to Tech Layoffs
[01:16] Tips for Laid Off and Recent Grads
[01:20] Due to Downsizing
[02:20] Understanding Your First Downturn
[03:27] What Can We do?
[03:34] Networking In the Field Of Interest
[05:29] Seeking Part Time Roles
[05:58] Structure and Discipline
[06:35] Starting Your Own Company
[07:12] Avoid Companies of People Who Complain
[07:38] Habit of Reading
[08:44] Summary

Nowhere to Go But Up
In the position of being laid off, employees would often over analyze why they were let go or what they will do after being released. It’s important to have a quick understanding of the situation. Taking a scan of what could have been done or what can be done. In the event that this does happen to an individual, the mindset of being resourceful on how else you can build your career will be an essential tool. In the field of tech, there are many opportunities out there. While it is still valid to let out how you feel in private, what’s important is that you know how to get back up on your feet and you make a plan on how to do it.

Reading Materials

So Good They Can’t Ignore You by Cal Newport

Deep Work by Cal Newport

Mindset by Carol Dweck

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