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17. Progressive software delivery with Adam Zimman

For today’s episode, Asim is joined by Adam Zimman, a recovering entrepreneur and an engineer who’s spent years developing software in the enterprise domains focused on infrastructure and engineering. He joins today’s show to talk about progressive software delivery to consumers and the key structure to help it roll-out efficiently.

[00:34] Introduction of Adam Zimman
[01:34] What Motivates Adam
[03:13] How Adam Applies to the Business World
[07:36] Feature Flagging Interplay
[09:15] Other Aspects of Feature Flagging
[14:48] Tooling Behind Continuous Delivery
[19:08] Key Aspect to the Roll-Out
[20:14] Companies That Adapt This Implementation
[23:18] Advice on Where to Pilot Software Delivery
[26:26] Where to Follow Adam’s Work

Progressive Software Delivery

Adam talks about the importance of progressive software delivery based on how companies can create products and tools that can be easily used by consumers from various generations. The tech industry is rapidly growing, paving way for more innovative ideas to run systems online or through various tech products. Companies now face the pressure to create softwares that can be easily accessible or user-friendly to all types of consumers. Adam talks about how companies can efficiently deploy a software product and ensure that consumers can still work around it. He backs this process by adding key driving factors that make a software roll out successful, as well as how the enterprise can adopt these practices in order to keep their customers loyal to their products.

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Progressive Delivery website

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