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Overcoming Multi-Currency, Multi-Cloud Management Challenges

Gartner predicts that by 2025, more than 90% of enterprises will pursue a multi-cloud infrastructure and platform strategy. With a multi-cloud strategy often comes a multi-currency challenge in terms of cloud cost observability as some of the cloud providers, like Azure, allow companies to be billed in any currency. 

The new Yotascale multi-currency service removes the challenge of getting a single pane of glass view of all your cloud costs.  The new service enables you to report accurate cloud costs allocated per team, application, or business unit that operates across regions, and across cloud providers. Let’s dive deeper into how Yotascale is giving our customers the best precision for tracking costs and forecasting cloud spend.

Normalized cloud costs for multiple source currencies

Yotascale provides a seamless service that normalizes costs automatically as the provider’s cloud usage reports are processed. All costs are normalized to USD to allow us to represent costs in your currency of choice with a single click toggle. 

To reduce the burden of keeping track of exchange rates, Yotascale has a built-in service that collects the latest exchange rates from the US Federal Reserve Bank. These are well-trusted exchange rates and are then used to normalize costs from any source. 

Here is an example of selecting a preferred currency with a single click. This view shows the full normalized costs across cloud providers and regions in a single pane of glass. 


Budgeting & forecasting support of multiple currencies 

When teams, applications, or business units run services across multiple cloud providers, or across regions that are billed in different currencies, you may end up with a budgeting headache if you need to track each source individually. 

By taking a first step in normalizing costs across currencies, Yotascale enables forecasting based on those normalized costs and can track usage against budgets in your chosen currency. When costs are expected to overrun budgets, Yotascale alerts your teams as soon as a cost overrun is detected.

Here is an example of getting a budget and forecast report in Swedish Krona:


Next Steps

Multi-cloud cost management is one of the biggest challenges when working with multi-cloud infrastructures, but it doesn’t have to be. Yotascale can help automate your cost attribution, and provide deep insight into your multi-cloud cost spend, in any currency you chose.

Get started with Yotascale today by requesting a demo or free trial and see how much time and money you can save managing your multi-cloud environment.