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True Multi-Cloud Cost Management

An effective strategy for multi-cloud cost management extends the same concepts for managing costs in a single-cloud architecture. Incorporating various cloud providers’ environment variables, technical details, and terminology into a holistic cost management strategy enables businesses to extend single-cloud cost management’s tried-and-true tactics to multi-cloud environments. Cost management has challenged many businesses as they adopt cloud architecture. As multi-cloud architectures become increasingly common, cloud resource costs become substantially more difficult to pin down. It can become nearly impossible for finance teams to understand the return on investment from their cloud budget without accurate data on actual resource costs.

This white paper covers:

  • Defining Effective Cloud Cost Management
  • Creating Granular Cost Visibility
  •  Expanding to Multi-Cloud Infrastructure
  • Accounting for Dynamic Infrastructure
  • Analyzing Multi-Cloud Costs
  • Platform-Specific Nuances

Length: Approx. 15 minutes

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