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The 6-Factor Framework for Managing Cloud Costs

The current economy and AI/ML boom has created a macro-environment where companies are noticing increases in their provider bills. Managing cloud costs is now a make or break issue.  While the imperative of managing cloud costs is clear, the road to achieving this is still a challenge.  And putting your engineering team at the center is critical to success.

In this webinar Jeff Harris, Director of Strategy & Operations at Yotascale, will present a practical 6-factor framework for managing your cloud costs. Engineering leaders and executives who want to establish a cloud economics practice will learn about:

  • Developing your “Spidey-Sense” for pre-empting spiking provider costs
  • Establishing shared unit economic metrics between engineering & finance
  • Strategies for motivating engineering teams to manage costs
  • And codifying your business cost strategy in automation for long-term success

Length: 35 minutes

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