Case Study: How Flatiron Health Gained Visibility and Control Over Total Platform Costs

FinOps-certified Total Platform Cost management

Simplify expense management of cloud infrastructure, microservices, and applications with a single pane of glass.

FinOps Certified Platform

Yotascale enables FinOps to monitor service provider billing for anomalies, automate cost allocation to users, and collaboratively reconcile budgets with Engineering.

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The enterprise-standard in Total Platform Cost management

Yotascale is a proven platform for total cost management at enterprise-scale with customers like Zoom, Hulu and Roblox. Say goodbye to navigating through endless spreadsheets and toggling between different interfaces. We give you a single view for reconciliation of your total platform costs.

True platform-wide accountability

Yotascale provides you with a dynamic dashboard view of your entire platform, from AI services to tooling to infrastructure services. Everything from AWS, GCP, Azure, Datadog, Snowflake –all in one place and attributed to the right teams for accountability.

Transparent monthly expenditures

Yotascale’s monitoring and forecasting eliminates surprises in your monthly cloud bills. Instead, you’ll get an overview of expenses from every application and department, ensuring performance against budgetary goals and detecting anomalies before they become overruns.

Make managing cloud costs a competitive advantage

Efficient cloud spending is the ultimate competitive edge for cloud-native companies. Start saving on cloud costs with Yotascale today.