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Yotascale Cloud Cost Management

Your business lives in the cloud

Like many software organizations today, you rely on public cloud infrastructure to run the applications that drive your business revenue, avoiding the cost and headache of procuring and maintaining on-premises infrastructure. Your engineering teams can expand their environments as needed, accelerating development cycles and time to market. Over time, however, the cost of your cloud infrastructure has grown, and now you lack visibility into who owns critical pieces of your cloud infrastructure.


  • Up to 50% of cloud costs are not accounted for
  • No visibility into costs of complex cloud environments
  • No clear ownership of cloud costs


  • Save up to 50% on your cloud spend
  • 95% accurate cloud cost allocation
  • Improve budgeting / forecasting by 90%

Own your cloud costs, don’t let them own you

Taking ownership of cloud costs starts with understanding the full picture of cloud costs and which teams are responsible for those costs. This isn’t as easy as it sounds, especially when your infrastructure leverages multiple cloud providers. The power of containers and Kubernetes to optimize platform infrastructure has made them mainstream tools, but the use of shared, containerized infrastructure makes cost allocation difficult, even with legacy cost management tools in place.

With Yotascale, you get a complete picture of your multi-cloud spending, delivered to you in your business context, with clear owners for those costs. Intuitive dashboards and analytics show you which teams own which resources, their utilization levels, and detailed cost breakdowns. Only Yotascale helps you automate cloud cost attribution, leveraging an unmatched tagging policy engine that removes the tedious, manual guesswork from cloud cost allocation.

Proactively optimize cloud costs

You need to reduce your infrastructure costs, while designing scalable, high‑performance software solutions for your business. These aren’t mutually exclusive goals, but to take ownership of and collaborate on cloud cost optimization, your teams need real-time cloud cost insights and actionable cloud cost reduction recommendations.

“As Zoom has scaled its systems exponentially in current times, Yotascale has been a trusted partner to help keep our massively increasing cloud costs in check. I’ve been very impressed with the huge ROI they delivered, and I’m glad that we had Yotascale already in place prior to the pandemic.”

Yasin Mohammed
Engineering Manager, Cloud Operations

Yotascale is able to deliver personalized, actionable recommendations to the teams that can review and implement them. Engineering teams see right‑sizing recommendations, delivered with detailed analytics on the impacts to cost, computing, network and memory performance. They can take action…or not, depending on their analysis of the environment, and provide feedback to dismiss recommendations that don’t make sense. Finance and engineering both can see recommendations for Savings Plans / Reserved Instances to optimize what is being purchased relative to what is being used.

Simplify budget and capacity planning

One of the biggest challenges in budget planning is reconciling what you think you need to spend with what you are actually spending, and cloud infrastructure is no different. It can be difficult to not only understand your usage trends today, but layer in expected changes over the coming year. The effort required often leads to budget estimates that don’t adequately cover your infrastructure needs.

With Yotascale, your engineering, DevOps and finance teams have a unified, automated tool that captures not only existing spend, but provides the ability to validate trends and expected future spend required. It takes the guesswork out of budget planning, and greatly reduces the effort required to make purchasing decisions.

Yotascale makes it easy

Your modern cloud architecture is complex, spanning multiple clouds, multiple teams and leveraging the latest in cloud-native development tools. Despite this complexity, Yotascale makes it easy to take ownership of your cloud costs. We make it easy for DevOps and engineering teams, giving them the information they need to determine which cloud cost optimization changes make sense technically. We make it easy for finance teams to manage budgets and forecasts, negotiate discounts and contracts, and determine the ROI on cloud investments. We make it easy for executive teams to go all-in on their cloud strategy and make the strategic decisions to deliver business value to stakeholders.