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Yotascale Cloud Cost Management for AWS

Yotascale cloud cost management for AWS

When you need more than free cloud tools

The promise of the cloud means agility and innovation, but with these benefits comes vulnerability to unplanned, runaway spend. The first step to cloud cost management is to know where your money is going. In the past, the burden of cost allocation fell on the AWS customer—but not anymore. Today, thanks to Yotascale, engineering and finance teams can hold smarter conversations around cloud costs.

AWS Cost Explorer offers built-in cost-saving tools that are adequate for basic use cases. However, these tools fall short when addressing more complex challenges, such as multiple accounts, shared resources, and containers. If you have many teams using EC2 instances in the same account, for example, AWS Cost Explorer simply lumps together every team’s instances, making it difficult to attribute costs to the appropriate team.

Additionally, AWS Cost Explorer doesn’t properly support cost allocation for containers and Kubernetes. Nor does it tackle issues such as missing tags; lack of automation for new tags and remediation; shortage of contexts for mapping; or lack of standard enforcement.

Yotascale was built to provide an easy-to-use, yet powerful solution for AWS cloud cost management, giving you all of the tools you need to make smarter decisions about your cloud costs.


  • Limited ability of AWS to address complex use cases, multiple accounts, or containerized applications
  • Lack of automation for new tags, shortage of contexts for mapping; and no standard enforcement
  • Inability to see consolidated views when an organization has child accounts


  • Enablement of smart cost
    conversations with full
  • Automation of cost spike
    detection to eliminate nasty
    surprises on your AWS bill
  • Easy visibility into where costs
    are coming from and how
    teams can remediate them

Finding the right team: savings begin with visibility

Customers trying to save money on AWS can’t optimize costs without first gaining visibility into where the money is going and uncovering which teams are responsible for various costs.

Using Yotascale, an organization gains granular reporting capability down to individual teams and applications. Now engineers can see exactly the costs that respective teams have accrued. Only Yotascale provides a complete view of department / application-level costs, as well as Kubernetes, EKS namespaces and pods, and ECS task costs.

With Yotascale, you can be confident that 100 percent of your costs will be allocated to the right teams, and no resources will fall through the cracks. You can view the whole picture of your AWS infrastructure via a single pane of glass, so everybody sees the same truth.

Proactively optimize cloud costs

You need to reduce your infrastructure costs, while designing scalable, high‑performance software solutions for your business. These aren’t mutually exclusive goals, but to take ownership of and collaborate on cloud cost optimization, your teams need real-time cloud cost insights and actionable cloud cost reduction recommendations.

Yotascale customer, NextRoll, surfaced $363K in cost spikes in a single year. Without Yotascale’s intervention, it would have been impossible to know how much time and money were spent before the issue was noticed— let alone resolved!

Preventing the cost headaches of unplanned usage

When an auto-scale group is misconfigured, or on-demand instances accidentally left on, the situation costs money that you didn’t expect to spend.

That’s why Yotascale continuously monitors your infrastructure and alerts you in near-real time as soon as unexpected costs begin to accrue. You also see root cause details of the resources responsible for the spike, so you don’t have to waste precious engineering time tracking down cost issues.

Accidental misconfiguration is a major risk that can result in a huge “shock” bill at the end of the month. Yotascale’s cost anomaly detection uses historical data trend analysis to build an expectation of what costs should look like. Deviations trigger instant, detailed alerts to the resource owner, via Slack, email, or their preferred communication channel for quick triage and adjustment.

More cost-savings opportunities across your AWS environment

Yotascale leverages cost, performance, and usage information across your environment to make smarter recommendations to further reduce cloud spend while increasing cloud resource utilization. While customers typically see up to 50 percent cost savings after deploying Yotascale, the value of Yotascale’s recommendations continues to increase as customers gain better insights into the costs themselves. By leveraging Yotascale technology to allocate all costs, engineers more easily see opportunities to trim waste and implement an effective cost optimization strategy.