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Microsoft Azure Cloud Cost Management with Yotascale

You get powerful, in-depth, Azure cloud cost management with Yotascale

Manage Your Azure Spend More Effectively

In an intensely dynamic environment, everybody wants to minimize cloud costs while maximizing business value. That means secure the best deal and optimize your cloud investment at all times. There are many paths to that goal. The most effective way to limit spending, make smart cloud cost-allocation decisions, and keep costs under granular control, is to use a dedicated third-party tool like Yotascale to manage Azure spending.


  • Difficulties in accurately managing, forecasting, and staying within cloud budget
  • Need to restrict or discontinue resource use and limit spending when budget is exceeded
  • Need to automate tagging, anomaly detection, and other multicloud management tasks


  • Optimize cloud cost management by leveraging Azure and Yotascale tools
  • Gain a granular, real-time, unified view of forecasted and actual cloud spend across container and non-container workloads
  • Scale and automate realtime cost reporting, anomaly detection, and other tasks across the multicloud environment

Azure cost management starts with smarter cost attribution

Yotascale was built to provide an easy-to-use, yet powerful solution for Azure cloud cost management. Customers trying to save money on Azure first need visibility into where the money is going, uncovering which teams are responsible for various costs.

Using Yotascale, you gain granular visibility down to individual teams and applications. Now engineers can see exactly the costs that respective teams have accrued. Only Yotascale provides a complete view of department / applicationlevel costs, as well as Kubernetes and AKS namespaces and pods costs.

With Yotascale, you can be confident that 100 percent of your costs will be allocated to the right teams, and no resources fall through the cracks. You can view the whole picture of your cloud infrastructure via a single pane of glass, so everybody sees the same truth.

Improve your Azure forecasting and budgeting

Yotascale’s ML-based budgeting and forecasting capability offers you a granular, single-pane overview of cloud spend at every layer of your organization, for any business unit, application, or team.

Team members can see where their cloud spend trend is heading, and where they currently stand with respect to budget. With an accurate understanding of trends; users can triage, analyze, and take needed corrective action in time to avoid cost overruns. In addition, any group can leverage Yotascale dashboards as the source of truth for their cloud spend. They can even see how these trends align with operational budgets and financial goals.

This allows managers to make smart decisions for better cost-efficiency and resource utilization. Yotascale monitors cloud spend in real time, and alerts resource owners whenever their forecast exceeds the set budget. Engineering teams and leaders can set up preferences that specify when, and under which circumstances, they wish to receive their alert, via Slack, Microsoft Teams, or email.

Right-size and optimize your Azure cloud infrastructure

Yotascale gives your engineering teams actionable recommendations for Azure cost optimization, assigning them to the right teams responsible for those resources. Yotascale recommendations take performance and cost into consideration, giving your engineers an exact view of the impact a right-sizing recommendation will have on both cost and performance.

Just providing recommendations isn’t enough if those recommendations don’t make business sense. For example, basing a recommendation to shut down a resource based on low Virtual Machine CPU and memory use would seem like a strong idea…unless that resource is your failover site. Yotascale also provides your engineers the ability to leave feedback on recommendations, and dismiss them as needed, so your recommendations are always current and relevant to your business.

Yotascale offers a unified view of both container and non-container workloads

In a more complex cloud infrastructure like a Kubernetes clustered environment or a microservices architecture, it can be difficult to estimate a given service or business department’s actual spending. By comparison, Yotascale’s container cost-allocation feature offers a comprehensive, near real-time, unified view of both container and noncontainer workloads, all neatly displayed within each user’s business context.

Another significant benefit of Yotascale is its multicloud platform support. Azure Cost Management allows organizations to read cost parameters and details from Amazon AWS, but AWS has its own cost integration engine. Yotascale, however, can integrate various vendors into one dashboard with the same experience.

Yotascale’s intelligent cloud cost monitoring solution covers all cloud use and cost-consumption, integrating powerful analytics, automation, and granular reporting as core features. This ability to reveal the specifics of cloud consumption in real time through a single pane makes it a smart and costeffective alternative to relying on Azure’s tools.

Yotascale’s intelligent cloud cost monitoring solution reveals all cloud use and cost consumption, integrating powerful analytics, automation, and granular reporting.