Total Platform
Cost Management Simplified

The digital revolution, fueled by cloud computing and platform engineering, comes with a sophisticated challenge: managing an extensive matrix of expenses. With microservices, initiatives like OpenAI, and reliance on data services like Databricks and Snowflake, grasping the entire cost outlay in licenses and subscriptions is a big task.

Yotascale Total Platform Cost Management monitors service provider billing for anomalies, automates cost allocation to users, and continuously reconciles budgets facilitating collaboration between Engineering and Finance.

Yotascale: The Standard in Total Platform Cost Management

Yotascale is a well tested platform cost management solution with customers like Zoom, Hulu and Roblox. Say goodbye to navigating through endless spreadsheets and scores of man-hours spent toggling between different interfaces. We give you a single pane view with reconciliation of your total platform costs.

Platform Accountability

A dynamic dashboard view of your entire platform, from AI services to tooling to infrastructure services. Mapped to allocate 100% of costs, direct and shared, back to respective users for accountability. Everything from AWS, GCP, Azure, Datadog, Snowflake –all in one place, attributed to the right teams.

Transparent Monthly Expenditures

Yotascale’s monitoring and forecasting eliminates surprises in your monthly cloud bills, overseeing expenses from every application and department, and ensuring performance against budgetary goals and detecting anomalies before they become overruns.

Strategic Financial Decision-Making

Yotascale presents insights that span beyond your data facilitating cost alignment across Engineering, Product and Finance, and allowing for on-the-fly budget adjustments and forecasts supporting quarterly, even monthly roll ups.

The Ultimate Competitive Edge in a Digital Era

As cloud integration intensifies across the product and engineering stack, so does the intricacy of managing diverse costs. Yotascale stands out with its holistic approach to cloud cost management, streamlining provider billing and enhancing collaboration between Engineering, Product and Finance to efficiently oversee platform costs. 

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