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The Cloud Cost Management Landscape: Yotascale’s Role in Innovation

Yotascale recently participated in a market “landscape” review conducted by Forrester Research for “The Cloud Cost Management and Optimization Solutions Landscape, Q1 2024. (Access the report with your Forrester subscription here.)

With so many vendors out there to help you understand your cloud spending, and optimize your resources, choosing the right one can be tough. Forrester’s report provides insights into each vendor’s strengths and is an invaluable source to help you navigate this busy market.

Yotascale is proud to be one of the key players in this market, securing coverage along with ~30 other vendors. We are delighted to be recognised as one of the leading innovators in this market with our GenAI FinOps technology–Yota Copilot.

It was also a great opportunity and learning experience to work with their knowledgeable analyst Tracy Woo.