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Cloud Computing’s Environmental Impact and Cloud Waste – A Podcast Discussion

Yotascale’s CEO and Founder, Asim Razzaq, sits down with Steve Prentice, the host of the CloudTweaks podcast, to talk about the environmental impact of cloud computing. There is more to cloud waste than just the economic consequences of underutilized reserved instances. And as the majority of cloud providers commit to reaching zero-net emissions by 2030, there is a spotlight on green cloud computing, leading to the discussion of the environmental impact of cloud resources that go unused.

On top of leading the discussion with sustainability around cloud computing, Asim also answers the many popular questions around cloud cost optimization, including:

  • Why is cloud cost management so complex?

  • What are the main challenges in achieving cloud cost optimization?

  • What are the principles of cost optimization that will help boost profits and benefit the planet?

  • Why should I pay for a cloud governance tool when public cloud providers have free alternatives?

  • Are there industry-specific challenges to cloud cost management?

Listen to the podcast: Episode 10 – The Modern Day Smokestack, the Economics of Cloud Management.