Accurate Cloud Cost Data To Empower Engineers

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Cloud Cost Data Your Engineers will Use

Yotascale was built by engineers, for engineers. Giving engineers the information they need to take ownership and make smarter cloud cost decisions.

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All-in-one View of Your Cloud, Mapped to Your Business Context

Yotascale’s intuitive GUI places all the information you need about your cloud costs at your fingertips.

  • Quick access to essential cost information, with one-click drill down to business units, teams, applications and more
  • Context-based analytics and smart widgets so each team views only the data they need, at the level they need
  • Unified support for Kubernetes, containers and microservices gives granular reporting of all your costs in a single view

Automated Cost Attribution

Yotascale gives you the tools you need to automate and maintain the resource tags and labels that are the foundation of cloud cost management

  • Identify untagged and badly tagged resources and fix them in-app
  • Automatically tag/label dynamic services as they are created
  • Create rules to normalize tag names across departments and applications

In-Depth, Collaborative Cost Optimization

Empowering your engineers to take control of their cloud costs with cost optimization recommendations they can trust

  • Workload-based right-sizing recommendations by product, service or application
  • Detailed impact analysis on compute, network, memory and more
  • Closed loop feedback improves communication between engineering and finance for optimization decisions

Real-time Cost Anomaly Detection

Prevent end-of-month bill shock with real-time monitoring and alerts of abnormal cloud costs as they occur

  • Detailed, contextual alerts sent to your teams where they work (Microsoft Teams, Slack, and more)
  • Eliminate days or weeks of effort finding cost anomalies
  • Closed-loop feedback in-app keeps track of engineering resolution

Team-Based Cloud Budgeting and Forecasting

Eliminate spreadsheet-based cloud budgeting and forecasting, while improving your cloud spend forecasting up to 90%

  • Machine-learning based forecasting with predictive analytics based on your historical spending trends
  • Budget alerts for teams, products, and applications give higher visibility to potential cost overruns before they occur
  • Savings Plan and Reserved Instance recommendations linked to your enterprise cloud accounts

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Case Study

Money Saved: $363K in cost spikes surfaced in the first year

Case Study

45% reduction in cloud services costs

Case Study

Tripled total cloud footprint while avoiding 50% of potential costs