Yotascale Cloud Cost Anomaly Detection

Yotascale cost anomaly detection

Early cost anomaly detection and correction are vital to a dynamic, cost-efficient environment

Cost anomalies can arise from a variety of causes, and can have massive financial impact if not found and corrected promptly. That means you have to continuously monitor and track cloud expenditures for any spend that doesn’t align with expected patterns. You need real-time visibility into the what, where, and how of cost anomalies—or risk end-of-month billing shocks.

Cost spikes blow up your budget fast—and are hard to track down

Seemingly small changes in infrastructure costs can snowball and result in massive bill inflation. Even worse is the nearimpossibility of identifying the offending resources promptly. Current manual processes waste time and energy that could be better spent meeting digital transformation goals.

It’s not uncommon for organizations to observe irregular spikes in their cloud expenditures originating from many sources: test clusters left on, a haywire Terraform script, and so on. Some services or users exploit your public cloud for malicious activities. Accidental misconfigurations can result in a huge bill at the end of the month. Whatever the cause, organizations lacking cost anomaly detection and cost optimization can overpay for their cloud infrastructure by as much as 40 percent. So early detection and corrective measures are urgent priorities.


  • Lack of visibility into source of unusual cloud cost spikes
  • Difficulty routing alerts quickly to the relevant team
  • Cumbersome, time-consuming process identifying root causes


  • Quickly detect and pinpoint the source of cloud cost anomalies
  • Deliver notifications directly to resource owners for fast, easy triage
  • Automate investigation and speed up root cause analysis

Yotascale’s real-time Cost Anomaly Detection lets you breathe easy

With proper monitoring, you can take action in time to safeguard your budget. Yotascale’s cost anomaly detection uses historical data trend analysis to build an “expectation” of what costs should look like. Any deviations from that will trigger instant, detailed alerts to the resource owner, via Slack, email, or their preferred communication channel; there’s no manual digging and hunting through logs. Cost anomalies are grouped by business context that you’ve defined for viewing, commenting, and assigning. No other tool offers this detail and precision to engineers and developers.

“Yotascale’s integration with Slack makes all the difference for our finance team. We don’t need to go looking for cost anomalies – they come to us.”

Adam Wire, Lead Financial Analyst, NextRoll

Knowledge is power to analyze and optimize

Now that Yotascale’s AI and ML-powered engine has detected cost anomalies and alerted the appropriate engineering team, Yotascale’s Report Cause Analysis features can go into action to understand the context, pinpoint the problem, reduce the burden of investigation to minutes—and give you answers in near-real time.

Overall, the Yotascale platform enables your Ops teams to run more effectively: monitor, alert, diagnose, and find root causes—so that they can fix and remediate based on recommended actions and best practices to control, manage, and optimize your cloud costs. You gain insights into which resources are causing deviations and a path to take before you run into the red. That may mean rightsizing, shutting down resources no longer in use, or optimizing those not pulling their weight. If an anomaly is related to an anticipated infrastructure change, you can mark it as “not anomaly” to dismiss the alert (and train the Yotascale platform). It’s all about making informed and accurate decisions.

Deep Dive-at-a-Glance: Yotascale’s Cost Anomaly Detection dashboard alerts you instantly to the date of an anomaly, underlying reasons for flagging, and links to the specific resources that caused it. Take action or assign for review to resolve the issue before it balloons.