How ForeSee Medical understands the effect of client data on Cloud spend

As ForeSee Medical helps healthcare providers minimize risk, Yotascale’s cloud cost transparency helps the business track and manage budgets.

Foresee Medical

“Yotascale is great for having informed conversations with our engineers about cloud spend. It clearly shows how their decisions affect costs, and now they’re using the Yotascale dashboard as part of their workflow.”

Ernesto Ruy Sanchez
Senior SecDevOps Engineer
ForeSee Medical

Industry: Healthcare

ForeSee Medical is on a mission to help healthcare providers leverage their data to improve patient outcomes and help achieve business objectives. ForeSee’s solution integrates with providers’ EHR (electronic health record) systems, using disease detection algorithms to rationalize patient data across the healthcare system. In the process, ForeSee provides evidence-based insights to guide care decisions and forecasting.

Data volumes can swing wildly, depending on the client, size of the patient pool, timeframes, and other factors. For this reason, ForeSee has to continuously ramp its AWS provisioning up and down. To manage the cloud and monitor costs, ForeSee uses Yotascale, the cost allocation tool for cloud services. Yotascale gives Foresee the ability to assess cloud usage and costs and share this information across engineering teams.

The Challenges

  • Manage budgets and improve forecasting for cloud usage
  • Add additional cloud environments only as needed, without multiplying costs
  • Help engineers incorporate cloud costs into their decision making
  • Increase business agility through better visibility into budget tracking

The Solution

  • When ForeSee Medical launched its solution and added cloud environments, the
    company adopted Yotascale to continuously measure, forecast, and optimize cloud
    usage and costs.
  • ForeSee began using Yotascale from the earliest days of its launch when its cloud
    environments were still a blank slate, establishing a benchmark for future measurements.
  • Using AWS accounts and automated tagging, Foresee is able to see costs and recommendations broken down into their business context, differentiating between R&D, automated testing, and production.
  • Yotascale’s easy-to-access visualizations show ForeSee how cloud costs fluctuate and how resources can be optimized.

The Results

  • Foresee Medical tripled its total cloud footprint by adding production and staging environments, while avoiding 50% of potential higher cloud costs.
  • The company now has greater visibility into how EHR processes and patient document ingestion may impact future cloud costs.
  • ForeSee is avoiding over-provisioning by using Yotascale to help ensure right-sized infrastructure.

Foresee tripled total cloud footprint while avoiding 50% of potential costs.

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