How Arturo AI creates conversations about Cloud cost and performance to speed decision-making

Arturo uses Yotascale not only to optimize cloud resources, but also to guide the future of its products


“Clear and understandable reports from Yotascale about cloud utilization are worth their weight in gold. The power to drill down into resources, and share our insights across business units, help speed up decisions about products and resources.”

Ryan McRobie
Lead DevOps Engineer

Industry: Insurance

Arturo’s cloud-based AI solutions allow insurance companies to use imagery in unique and compelling ways that foster better decision making, improve business operations, and result in an overall positive improvement in ROI. Using multiple image sources including satellite imagery to gain insights about properties – everything from outbuildings to swimming pools – these insights power faster customer service for underwriting and claims. The speed of its service and the breadth of its image sources are competitive advantages for Arturo: The company’s quoting and risk modeling solutions provide near-real-time feedback for insurers. To achieve these benefits, Arturo optimizes infrastructure such as cloud resources to deliver on its mission.

Yotascale provides Arturo with granular visibility into cloud costs and utilization. Reports and tables generated in Yotascale are used to communicate findings and insights to nontechnical teams and get buy-in from finance. In addition, Yotascale helps identify unused and redundant deployments, and provides metrics that guide new product development.

The Challenges

  • Reduce cloud usage costs by fine-tuning the AWS application stack
  • Identify redundancies and unused cloud resources
  • Achieve granular cost analysis of product features and usage
  • Help business teams understand costs related to cloud applications

The Solution

  • Arturo engineers can use Yotascale as a checks-and-balances system to detect unused or redundant resources.
  • Yotascale helps Arturo identify the most cost-effective ways to respond to customer queries.
  • Yotascale’s integration with Slack means engineers receive automatic updates in normal workflows and can quickly address issues.

The Results

  • 15% reduction in cloud costs
  • Business teams gained a deeper understanding of cloud costs in relation to product features, improving collaboration with IT and engineering.
  • With Yotascale, Arturo can drill down into costs for specific cloud resources while simultaneously studying ways to improve product performance.
  • By monitoring cloud usage by specific product features, engineers and product teams get a view into customer feature preferences – guiding decisions on future product improvements and expansion.

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