Cloud Cost Management

Dynamic cloud cost management trusted by the best engineering teams around the world

Helping You Make the Most of Your AWS Cloud

Yotascale delivers AWS cloud cost management with unmatched visibility into your AWS Cloud infrastructure spend, including containers and Kubernetes. Designed for modern architectures at scale, Yotascale helps you optimize and manage the costs of your complex AWS Cloud environments.

Effectively managing your cloud infrastructure cost is critical to managing your business. Yet native cloud tools don’t give you the visibility, granularity or scalability that your engineers need to manage the cost of their complex cloud environments. Yotascale empowers your engineering teams with the most accurate cost allocation, actionable recommendations and continuous cost anomaly detection.

As an AWS Technology Partner, our goal is to give you AWS Cloud cost data you can trust so that you can optimize your existing infrastructure investments as well as accurately plan and forecast new investments in the AWS Cloud.

What Yotascale Delivers

Automated cost attribution

Unified container cost management

Continuous cost anomaly detection

Team-based budgeting and forecasting

Trusted by the best engineering teams around the world

“As Zoom has scaled its systems exponentially in current times, Yotascale has been a trusted partner to help keep our massively increasing cloud costs in check. I have been very impressed with the huge ROI they delivered and I am glad that we had Yotascale already in place prior to the pandemic.”

Engineering Manager, Cloud Operations at Zoom
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“Yotascale is something I wish I’d thought of. It puts cost information in the hands of our engineers so they can respond quickly to cost spikes, and gives our engineers transparency over project budgets. I don’t need to be the bottleneck for cost accountability – everyone can now find and reduce inefficiencies.”

Director of Engineering at Compass
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“For our engineers, time is money. Yotascale helps engineers quickly find answers to their questions about where cloud spend is going, and see the impact of changes to service utilization. That contributes to more cost-effective resource utilization, and better decision-making – as well a culture that balances cloud infrastructure projects with cost.”

FinOps Manager at Hulu
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Why Yotascale?

We built our cost management tools to expand on AWS’ native services for the times when customers need more visibility than native tools provide.

If these apply to you, talk to your AWS sales team or visit the AWS Marketplace to integrate Yotascale into your cloud cost management strategy.

Complex environments

Enterprise scale customers have unique challenges, and need to be able to see their costs broken down into their business contexts, as well as giving a single unified view of multiple AWS Cloud accounts and containers, Kubernetes and micro-services.

Enterprise integrations

Yotascale works where you do, and we have integrations with the tools that your engineering teams use to collaborate and optimize their time. We also support APIs / UI beyond what AWS provides.

All-in-one tool

Yotascale puts the power of dynamic cloud cost management into a single, easy-to-use tool that integrates seamlessly to give you the information you need.