CloudHealth and Cloudability weren't built for engineers. Use Yotascale.

Traditional cloud cost management creates bottlenecks. 

First-generation cloud cost management tools (like CloudHealth and Cloudability) are notoriously hard to use and even harder to customize to put costs into business context. They were built for finance teams, and typically require a single power user to review complicated reports and then chase down engineers to justify money already spent. Frustrating discussions ensue, with action items and more follow-up. Rinse and repeat, once a month/quarter.

Yotascale's modern approach is fast and easy.

Yotascale is pioneering the next generation of cloud cost management that operates at the speed of—and always in the context of—your business. We make it easy to see, share, split, and allocate costs based on the way your business is organized, not the way your cloud provider charges you. And, we make it even easier for cloud resource owners (a.k.a. engineers) to take action the moment opportunities or anomalies arise. Because when time really is money, there’s no room for bottlenecks. 

What makes Yotascale better?

Yotascale can take messy tagging data and map cloud costs to your business context with 95-100% accuracy within hours. From there, we keep this mapping updated automatically as your business and infrastructure change—so your cost allocations, budgets, and forecasts are always current. It’s a single source of truth for cloud costs that teams can trust to get the roll-ups, drill-downs, and views they need.

Yotascale gives you a single, consolidated view of cloud costs across multiple cloud providers, including granular visibility into containers/Kubernetes. It’s an easy-to-use, one-stop shop for all stakeholders, from finance and FinOps to DevOps, engineering leadership, and engineers. Each user is brought in at the right times and given the right information to make the best cost decisions.

When we spot a way to save money or a cost spike that needs immediate attention, we don’t wait around. With Yotascale, engineers can instantly get recommendations where they work (e.g., Slack), address issues with a single click, and provide feedback and comments that finance teams can see, so future decisions and cross-functional discussions are made even faster and easier.


"Hands down the best tool for cloud cost optimization for AWS"

Administrator in Hospital & Health Care


“The product has been a huge help for our organization."

Executive Sponsor in Financial Services


“Great product for creating visibility into cloud costs on a team-level basis”

Executive Sponsor in Real Estate

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