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Yotascale Cloud Cost Analysis

See How Yotascale Cloud Cost Analysis Successfully Analyzes and Reduces Your Cloud Cost Up to 50%

Our unique cloud cost analysis solution offers automated cost attribution at scale, the best support for Kubernetes, containers, and microservices, and trustworthy actionable recommendations to empower engineering teams to successfully reduce cloud costs.

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  • To achieve cost allocation in your business context, with in depth tag assessments, recommendations, and automated tag / label management
  • You get unmatched visibility into your current cloud costs for your entire organization, across all your accounts
  • We monitor for cost anomaly detection, with contextual alerts via Slack, Teams or email when costs anomalies are found
  • Our right-sizing recommendations, based on your actual usage and discount programs, eliminate unused and wasted resources

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Case Study

Money Saved: $363K in cost spikes surfaced in the first year

Case Study

Tripled total cloud footprint while avoiding 50% of potential costs