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Dates: Nov 16, 2021 – Click below to listen to this presentation

Angelbeat has assembled multiple Microsoft experts, plus several of their partners, so you can understand their latest cloud-powered solutions, accelerate your digital transformation journey, and continue to innovate in a post-Covid, technology-driven world.

Join Pedro Leonardo, Director, Product Management, as he discusses “Yotascale’s Azure Support Improves Cloud Cost Governance in the Multi-Cloud Infrastructure”

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Date: Nov 19,  2021 – Click below to listen to this webinar

Join Jake Reichert, VP of engineering at Yotascale, for a discussion on how you can maximize your savings using Yotascale’s differentiated cost savings tool in a hybrid, multi-cloud environment.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand how Yotascale delivers savings in modern, multi-cloud architectures
  • Learn the advantages of using Yotascale for multi-cloud cost optimization for containerized and non-containerized workloads
  • Learn how Yotascale can more easily and effectively generate savings in multi-cloud environments

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Dates: Nov 29 – Dec 3, 2021
Location: Las Vegas, NV + Virtual
Booth #: AWS Marketplace Pavilion

AWS re:Invent is a learning conference for the global cloud computing community. The event features keynote announcements, training and certification opportunities, access to technical sessions, deep-dives with AWS leaders, engaging with sponsors, and more.

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Dates: Dec 14, 2:35pm EST
Location: Virtual event

Angelbeat has lined up experts from Microsoft, AWS, Google and other industry leaders, to discuss these topics centered around cloud-native applications to help you understand more about serverless, microservices, containers and Kubernetes.

Join Jeff Harris, Head of Customer Success, as he gives a deep dive into understanding and gaining visibility into the cost of Kubernetes and containers in a multi-cloud environment.

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Dates: Dec 15, 2:40pm EST
Location: Virtual event

Cloud security isn’t just about stopping external threats, it’s also about maintaining governance of your cloud infrastructure, including who can make changes and impact the cost of your multi-cloud environments.

Join Jake Reichert, VP of Engineering, to understand how security features such as RBAC combine with tagging metadata to help you manage and gain visibility into your multi-cloud cost governance.

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