Putting the power of cloud cost management in engineers’ hands

Compass chooses Yotascale to gain visibility into cloud spend and optimization, reducing costs by 45%

Industry: Real estate

At Compass, the real estate technology company, cloud cost awareness and containment are always a high priority. But in the months after the COVID-19 pandemic, visibility into cloud costs and resource utilization became a key priority for the business. With Yotascale, the cost allocation solution for cloud services, Compass was able to accurately map cloud resources to business units, identifying underutilized or abandoned cloud infrastructure and shedding light on costs – reducing cloud services spend by 45%.

As Compass grows, Yotascale helps empower engineers to make informed decisions about cloud services that are also cost-effective – keeping engineering leads accountable to the business.

The Challenges

  • Gain visibility into cloud spend and resource utilization.
  • Control costs, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Empower engineering teams with cost data, and create a culture of cost awareness.
  • Allocate shared costs for Kubernetes clusters and databases by business unit, since the cloud provider’s budget feature didn’t provide cost breakdowns.

The Solution

  • Yotascale gives Compass accurate cost allocation and cost optimization recommendations.
  • Yotascale offered fast time to implementation – within hours, engineering managers saw cloud costs flowing into the platform, enabling fast decision-making.
  • Actionable rightsizing recommendations gave teams clarity on resources.
  • When Compass scales up resources to alleviate issues, clear root-cause analysis rapidly tracks cost changes and causes.
  • Yotascale’s anomaly detection speeds up response to cost spikes so the right people can take action.

The Results

  • Compass reduced cloud spending by 45%.
  • In the early days of the pandemic, when budgets were a priority, Compass was able to immediately set guardrails for cost containment, positioning the company for stable growth.
  • Newly cost-aware engineers now routinely include cost estimates in new project proposals.
  • Yotascale identified over-provisioned instances that could be eliminated to reduce costs.

45% reduction in cloud services costs

“Yotascale is something I wish I’d thought of. It puts cost information in the hands of our engineers so they can respond quickly to cost spikes, and gives our engineers transparency over project budgets. I don’t need to be the bottleneck for cost accountability – everyone can now find and reduce inefficiencies.”

John Gerhardt
Director of Engineering

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