The 2022 State of Cloud Observability

Cloud observability is a broad category that encompasses performance monitoring, security monitoring, cloud cost monitoring and more. The 2022 ESG Distributed Cloud: Observability survey gives great insight into the state of cloud observability today.

Cloud Cost Visibility

A Guide to Cloud Cost Visibility

There are multiple cloud cost management services available for managing your cloud spend. This guide will help you understand the benefits of those services as well as highlight some of the gaps that are also important to consider when looking to gain deeper visibility into your cloud costs.

Optimize Kubernetes Cost

What Drives the Cost of Kubernetes?: Part 1 of 2

Kubernetes is one of the leading tools for managing cloud-native applications, but understanding what drives the costs of your Kubernetes clusters can be challenging. In this two-part series, we’ll explore the aspects of Kubernetes costs and strategies for optimizing those costs.